Event Recap: Spring Sprang Sprung 2022

Event Recap: Spring Sprang Sprung 2022

Late in the month of September, Sugi, the proprietor of Watch Wonderland, an independent and microbrand watch specialty store located in Singapore, got in touch with us. He inquired as to whether or not we would be interested in taking part in Spring Sprang Sprung, which is an event with the intention of assembling and exhibiting local, regional, national, and international micro independent watch brands. We made our decision to take part in the event quickly and without any reservations.

XM Studio, a workshop that specializes in the production and retailing of handcrafted luxury statues from popular franchises such as Marvel and DC, hosted the event. The workshop is where the event took place. The event took place from the 28th to the 30th of October. Despite the fact that it was not associated with Singapore Watch Fair in any way, the event followed the same schedule.

During the course of the event, we were overjoyed and grateful to those in attendance who expressed their gratitude and support not only for Soldat but also for our up-and-coming brand, Rivelta. We were given the opportunity to provide a more in-depth explanation of our brands and the path that we intend to take. Danar Widanarto, also known as Chronondo, and Alex, also known as Horomarvel, were two of the guests that stopped by our booth during the convention.

We had the opportunity to speak with other watch brand owners, founders, and representatives in the days between events as well as after the events had concluded. Most importantly, we are given the opportunity to test out watches from a variety of different brands.

The Taiwanese watch brand Havaan Tuvali creates their own dials by hand and assembles their own timepieces. The design of the dials in the sports sector is reminiscent of haute horlogerie. In particular, the dial of their particular unit is made from the same leaf used for cigars, making it both a timepiece and a conversation piece.

The "Maelstorm" is Mitch Mason's of Singapore's second creation. It features a super compressor design while simultaneously balancing the proportions of the dial and the case. One of the most ingenious choices in terms of design that we have ever come across is the fact that the crown for the rotating internal bezel can be secured in place by means of a screwed-down crown.

Combining a sporty and comfortable case design with a handcrafted textured dial that comes in a variety of color options results in a design that is uniquely creative and is made by the Chinese company Atelier Wen. It is said that experienced dial makers in Mainland China are responsible for the handcrafting of each dial. After having a conversation with them, we are both of the opinion that the capabilities of China's watch manufacturing industry are not something that should ever be misunderstood.

Lima is our event neighbor as well as a fellow Indonesian brand. The company strives to differentiate itself from competing brands by developing designs that are unique and whimsical. A good example of this is the company's most recent diver, the "Revolt," which features a bezel that can be changed, as well as the company's previously released "Meca," which comes with a winder to wind the mainspring. The packaging and presentation of Lima's product are very interesting and enjoyable to look at, so one can enjoy the packaging alongside the watch itself.

Gruppo Gamma, Horizon, KEF Elements, Konnii, Orodeus, RZE Watches, Vario, Vilhelm, Arturus, Gane, Julian Michales, Waldhoff, Trifoglio, Kaal, and Yi Leather are the other companies that are taking part in the event.

At the end of the day, the event ended up being an incredibly good time. We're thankful for Sugi and YK and their crews. for setting up and running the event.

There was a representative there from the event's sponsor, which provides fine Scottish whiskey, and it is evident that the freebies are very much appreciated by the attendees. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the event, and we look forward to doing so in upcoming Spring Sprang Sprung events.


For more information about the event, please visit the event's main website.

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