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Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Soldat’s mission is to bring high quality, well-designed watches in limited quantity to the market yet at an attainable price. This is what drives Jesse Prawiro, the founder, to create Soldat in 2014. Incorporated in 2017, Soldat as a company is a small, three-manned, family-run enterprise.
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Soldat’s current and future watches are manufactured, assembled, and tested in Japan to make sure we deliver the best quality watches. The idea of manufacturing the watch in Japan is to distinct the watches in terms of origin and quality. Always glad to say that Soldat worked closely with manufacturers in Japan to pursue Made in Japan watches.
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Soldat is inspired by the aesthetics of lifestyles and cultures from bygone eras, namely the sixties and the seventies. Soldat’s design tenet draws heavily from vintage watches from the same era, combined with contemporary specification. A thing of the past that is made for the future.
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As President Director and creative behind the brand, Jesse hopes that Soldat is able to become a fundamental watchmaking company that takes Indonesia’s watchmaking industry to the next level. We are also hoping to be able to work closely with Indonesia’s best creatives to deliver high quality, passion made watches for both national and international audiences.
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At Soldat, we believe that a watch is a work of art that reflects the user character. We give you a piece of engineering that is appropriately priced, with solid specification, and objectively attractive for watch aficionados and or general audience of the world.
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