Places To Avoid When Keeping Or Storing Your Watches

Places To Avoid When Keeping Or Storing Your Watches

Lots of automatic watches were produced decades ago, but the machines still work perfectly. This will be a plus for automatic watches, since the older they get, the higher the selling value will be. In addition, if you want to keep them as collections, of course, you will have lots of memories to share with your children and grandchildren.

Then, how do you make sure your automatic watch could last for a long time? From the first time you buy a watch, you should immediately instill the thought “this watch will grow old with me.” By having such thoughts, it will help you to maintain and care for the watch.

At the beginning there are the preparations for the storage of the watch. When worn, residues of sebum, sweat, soap or creams collect on the watch. Therefore, first clean your watch with damp microfiber cloth. However, refrain from using aggressive household cleaners, as these can damage the seals of the watch. In the case of watches with a steel bracelet, it can be helpful to go over the links with a toothbrush, as most of the deposits are often hidden in the small cracks. You should then dry the watch thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. 

After the cleaning, comes the storing. Here we have prepared six places to avoid when keeping your watches for life-prolonging measures.

Places where volatile agents (cosmetics, such as polish remover, bug repellent, thinner, etc.) are vaporizing


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In order for a watch collection to be stored successfully, the piece must be stored accordingly. Keeping watch in places where volatile agents, such as cosmetics that are vaporizing (polish remover, bug repellent, thinner, etc.) can lead to discoloration and corrosion damage. It not only hits stainless steel and other metallic materials particularly hard, but also leather and synthetic watches.

Places where the temperature drops below 5oC or rise above 35oC for a long time

Strong sunlight and extremely high or low temperatures (less than 5°C or more than 35°C) should also be avoided.UV radiation can even cause the dial to fade and ruin the watch. In addition, heat can loosen adhesive appliqués, which can then become caught in the hand. Such incidents reduce watch life, caused fading or yellowing, and require repairs that are extremely complicated. Direct sunlight, other heat sources, and large temperature fluctuations are therefore no-good for watch storage.

Places of high humidity

The temporary home of your luxury watches should not be too humid. High humidity is unacceptable, especially for leather watches, since they can become moldy or develop a bad smell. So look for a light-protected place.

Places affected by strong magnetism or static electricity

Watches can be adversely affected by magnetism and could cause inaccurate time. It is important not to leave a watch close to magnetic objects for a long periods. In particular, cell phones, television and PC speakers, magnetic necklaces, handbag clasps, hair-driers, electric razors, magnetic parts of refrigerators, are all magnetic. The sometimes strong magnetic fields that are generated as a result can, in the worst case, damage the inside of the watch.

Dusty places

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When it comes to storing your watch, dust is the enemy. Although high-quality watches generally do not allow dust particles to enter, it cannot be 100% ruled out that the finest particles do not get inside the watch. It is therefore advisable to store the watch in a box, preferably in the packaging box supplied.

If you own a high-quality automatic watch, it makes sense to purchase a watch winder. This not only protects against dust, but also keeps the watch permanently operational thanks to a rotational movement. This is extremely important, especially in the case of the most difficult complications, so that the mechanism does not literally rust and later has to be repaired at great expense.

Places affected by strong vibrations

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Do not keep your watch in places with strong vibration, because this condition could damage your watch, or even make it stopped working. If your watch stops spinning, shake it gently with the dial facing up to reduce the tension that could damage your favorite automatic watch.

In order for the ticking to continue precisely for a long time, a few basic rules must be observed, which you should definitely keep in the back of your mind.

If you have decided on a watch with an automatic movement, your time together should begin by turning the crown around 20 - 30 times and thus winding the watch. The exact number of turns varied from model to model. As soon as you feel a slight resistance, your watch is fully wound. With hand- wound movements you will feel a strong resistance. With these movements, it is important not to overwind the crown to avoid damage to the movement. It is then important to screw the crown back on properly, otherwise water may get inside your new favorite piece.

In order for your watch to keep ticking, it is important to wear it on your wrist every day. Due to the movement in everyday life, the work winds up continuously and prevents standstill. If you are not going to wear one or more of your watches with an automatic movement for a long time, it is advisable to think about a watch winder. This keeps your timepiece in constant motion and prevents the watch from stopping. Should the ticking stop, you can simply wind the watch again with the crown.

In the end, the correct storage of a luxury watch does not have to be complicated or expensive:  after thorough cleaning, the time indicator is placed in a suitable container under gentle environmental influences and should be wound regularly if it is mechanical.


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