Why Flamboyant Colored Watches Are Absolutely essential

Why Flamboyant Colored Watches Are Absolutely essential

The Fun of Color

Photo by Xavi Cabrera

LEGO is a non-horological example of fun color. You do not expect to encounter a Lovecraftian tower of dark monoliths with ancient hieroglyphics sprawled all over them as you enter the LEGO store. You anticipate entering a space that is filled with vibrant colors and evokes feelings of joy and merriment.

In a similar vein, donning a watch with a variety of vivid hues may be a lot of fun. It would appear that having the ability to select a brilliant hue that makes you feel energized, joyous, pleased, or intrigued is a simple method to instruct your brain to be happy. 


Color Makes You Stand Out

Photo by: Danist Soh

Many individuals shy away from using bold hues for their automobiles or apparel out of a concern about being labeled as eccentric or aesthetically challenged. As social beings, we have an innate desire to be like everyone else, so we tend to go with the flow and try not to stick out too much.

Any choice beyond the norm can therefore be seen as an act of bravery or self-assurance, whether beyond or to challenge the norm. Getting a watch in a bright color you enjoy is a great way to stand out from the crowd and stop feeling like a faceless statistic.


Color May Spark a Discussion

Imagine that you are attending a large and formal office conference as a member of the audience, and all of a sudden, a colleague of yours sits down next to you wearing a pink tuxedo and having their hair dyed sky blue. There is a good chance that your brain will acquire a particular impression, regardless of whether or not it is positive, and you will ask some questions, such as "why are you dressing like that? ", "are we going to protest about something?", and "what day is today?" As can be seen, color stimulates one's sense of wonder.

On a more personal level, I am always interested in learning more about the folks who opt for the very fascinating Seiko SKX011. The contrast of the dark bezel against the orange dial, which is vivid but subdued, always seems to catch my eye and spark my curiosity. On the other hand, I am not yet ready to purchase one. If you do own one and wear it from time to time, the only question I have for you is "why?"


Pavo Cristatus 

 Photo by: Steve Harvey (not the TV show host)

Peacocking is a strategy that men use to draw attention to their best qualities and differentiate themselves from the other men in their field. It is typically done with the intention of attracting women, much in the same way peacocks display their feathers in the hopes of finding a partner. The objective is to attract a lot of attention, which, in turn, will make you more attractive and memorable to others.

Because humans are primarily visual creatures, it stands to reason that we are drawn to objects that grab our attention and stimulate our senses. Bright colors, especially those that are restricted to a relatively small portion of the body, have the ability to take us by surprise and pique our interest when we see them for the first time. A colorful watch, much like the vibrant plumage of a bird that is only revealed during the courtship display portion of its mating process, might provide others some insight into your personality. 

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